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I'm a birthday gift gone wrong
a music box with a silent song
a canary who can't sing
a jack-in-the-box with a broken spring

and these pieces that you save
is nothing more than digging graves

I'm the race-horse who wont run
a party girl who can't have fun
a thunder storm without the flash
the falling vase you couldn't catch

all these nights we tried in vain
still nothing more than digging graves

dig it up if you want
but they are parts that can never be a whole that you will love

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A new song 'Digging Graves' is now online at our MYSPACE page, and if you can't download from there, it's also available on LastFM, and ReverbNation.
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I lie against the hard enamel of your teeth
primate horizon bed and wait
for you to chew me up

it's my turn now, after the ones already gone
musician flesh and bone, to give and be consumed
and left alone used

yet we disappear like raindrops
not like the bleeding fools we are

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it's been ages I know, Jared and I have been off on some travels, but we are back now and writing a new album. also at this point I would like to welcome all of our new friends!

A newish song 'Pupil of Dawn' is now online at our MYSPACE page - this was originally composed as part of an installation for an 'Evenings of Delight' monthly event.


if you have spotify you can listen to 'these things can't hurt you now' and 'you hold on to what's not real' in full. If you don't have spotify you should get it!


there is a web site that we will be adding to this year, but you shouldn't be looking at now because it's sunny outside!

I am going out now in my roller boots. see you all soon xxxx
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Seasons Greetings and a very Happy New Year!

A brand new song 'Sticky Lies' is now online at all the following places as a
free christmas
download...hurry while stocks last - only joking, it won't run out... :)





All our Love Andrea & Jared

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Colt now have a profile pages on VIRB, IMEEM and TOURDATES!

If you are a memeber of any of these sites please come and join us as we feel ever so lonely.

Also don't forget we are already at:










It really would mean so much to us if you would join us wherever you are a member.

Keep and ear on these sites for a special Christmas message soon!
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Mick Mercer very kindly reviewed both "these things..." and "you hold on..."


And "you hold on to what's not real" is also reviewed at:

Rock City http://www.rock-city.co.uk/new_site/reviews.htm

Nemesis to go http://www.nemesis.to/recordsiss5page2.htm

Blog Critics http://blogcritics.org/archives/2008/04/07/232318.php

and some fanzines too!

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